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Defend your business against cybercrime28 February 2017

Cybercrime is now one of the biggest threats to your business. "The amount of fraud that is taking place now is probably in epidemic proportions," said Sir Tom Winsor recently, when speaking about cybercrime. He’s one of the UK’s top policemen.

Over 5.6 million fraud and other computer misuse cases were reported in the year to September 2016. And the police admit that many cybercrimes go unreported.


The media is full of stories of businesses, small and large, that have lost money or data to criminals. Smaller companies are being targeted because many haven’t invested in robust protection. Many firms think they have some defences in place, without appreciating how a skilled cybercriminal can easily bypass these.


Your digital defences need to be multi-layered

You can’t rely on a single solution against cybercrime, because there are many different forms of attack. Research by the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that two out of three firms have been victims to a variety of different digital crimes.

These range from phishing (comprising 49% of incidents) to website cloning (just 2%). Other attacks include malware (29%), card not present fraud (10%) and denial of service (5%).

Protecting yourself against such a variety of crimes demands a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy. This includes:

  • High quality antivirus software
  • Prompt application of software updates
  • Internet usage monitoring and filtering
  • Threat awareness training for staff

In addition, it pays to have a plan of action for dealing with the most common forms of cybercrime, should you be affected. Knowing how to respond to say, a ransomware attack, can help you minimise the disruption and help your business to continue operating.


How we’re helping our clients protect against cybercrime

Cybercrime is a growing problem, while traditional crimes against businesses are in decline. This means that as a provider of business IT solutions, we’re increasingly engaged in helping our clients put digital protection in place.

Through our remote management service of client systems, we apply software updates, many of which improve security, as soon as possible. Some clients take advantage of our disaster recovery planning service and internet usage monitoring tools. The latter allows them to have full visibility of what users are doing on all the devices across their network.

We’re also increasingly providing cybercrime risk awareness and issue management training for staff. Digital crime often involves tricking people, not computers, into giving away important information and more. We know of companies that have unwittingly paid thousands to criminals, because they’ve been fooled into believing the instruction came from their boss.


We can help you protect against cybercrime

By keeping ourselves up to date with the latest best practices in cybersecurity, we’re well positioned to advise our clients on the current trends and the threats they’re likely to face.

If you would like to know more about the cybersecurity issues facing your business, or how to protect yourself from the growing risks from cybercrime, give us a call on 0808 168 9135 or email We would be pleased to have a no-obligation conversation with you.

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All the stats suggest that the threat from cybercrime is going to get worse. That’s because criminals from across the globe can now target your firm, and they’re becoming very good at what they do. So take action now before your business becomes one of the many that have lost thousands of pounds to digital crime.