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Flexible working with VoIP phone technology3 September 2020

Since Lockdown was imposed in March we've all got used to working remotely and indeed some of us are actually enjoying it!

A recent survey by Engaging Business revealed that home workers are happier than regular workers and 66% of employees would like to continue to work from home either permanently or for a couple of days per week. The same survey highlighted that employees would like more IT support from their Company as well as improved communications.

VoIP phones are becoming a valuable asset for Companies and staff alike, particularly post Covid. These days, VoIP phones don't just rely on an Internet connection, they come with a mobile app which means staff can answer calls and access messages even when they are away from their desk, maximising their availability to answer calls.

Our VoIP system not only facilitates phone calls, it allows you to share data more efficiently by communicating directly with email and other digital systems. They are easy to set up and you won't need to change your business phone number.