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Internet Usage Monitoring13 June 2014

No one benefits from a traffic jam. People and goods are stuck in the wrong place, frustration rises and time is lost. The result, for a business, is lower productivity and higher costs.

Traffic jams along your broadband connection have exactly the same impact. If you try to squeeze too much activity down the line at the same time, everything slows down. Time is lost; productivity falls; costs go up.

To help our customers address this problem, we have introduced an internet usage monitoring service, and we’re offering you a two-week free trial.


Free trial of our new monitoring service

The costs associated with slow internet connectivity are not easy to spot. That’s because the impact is distributed across all of your web users. If every download or upload of data takes a minute or two longer than it could, those minutes can add up to a substantial amount of lost time, but there’s no easy way to measure this cost.

However, our internet usage monitoring service gives you an insight into what’s eating up your bandwidth. With this information, you can identify, and deal with, the causes of the data traffic jams in your internet connection.

Because we think this new service could be hugely valuable to our customers, we’re giving you the chance to use it for free, for two weeks.


You might be surprised at the hidden costs in your business

Monitoring your firm’s internet usage can reveal more than just the users or systems that are hogging large amounts of bandwidth. Looking into internet usage can shine a light on activities causing further inefficiencies in your business.

One of these is employee misuse of internet access. We wrote about this last month in ‘Are you paying your staff to entertain themselves online?’


Internet usage monitoring lets you see:

  • •  Which device is using the internet and when.
  • •  What sites are being accessed.
  • •  What activities are being performed on those sites.


The potential issues this could reveal include:

  • •  Staff using data-intensive services, such as streaming video.
  • •  Devices sending and receiving data automatically but unnecessarily.
  • •  Users carrying out actions with a high degree of risk, such as visiting sites containing malware.


Ask for your free trial today

It’s very easy for our customers to access their free trial of our internet usage monitoring. Simply ask for the service to be activated and after two weeks you’ll receive a detailed report of your firm’s internet usage.

We can then advise on how to address any potential problems the report highlights and you can choose whether or not to continue using the service.

To take advantage of this free trial, contact us today.