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Mobile device management made easy10 February 2014

The rise of the personal mobile device has taken workplace computing away from the desktop and placed it, quite literally, in the hands of your employees.

Smartphones and tablets, in all their various forms, whether personally owned or company supplied, provide new levels of flexibility through remote connectivity. Mobile technology gives your staff, whether office-based or in the field, unprecedented levels of access to email, intranets, ERP systems and alternative communication channels such as social media.


All this variety offers massive benefits through timely access to and updating of business critical information, allowing faster and better informed decision making.

But the proliferation of mobile devices across your business adds new levels of IT security risk that employees often overlook as they enjoy the freedoms offered by mobile computing.


The risks of mobile devices in the workplace

Here are some of the issues you need to consider when permitting, and even encouraging, your staff to use mobile devices:

  • •  Unauthorised access to your internal networks
  • •  Data theft through use of insecure wifi networks
  • •  Loss or theft of mobile devices
  • •  Inappropriate use of devices
  • •  Excessive connection charges.

Mitigating these risks requires implementation of a mobile device management strategy, underpinned by a robust mobile device management system.


How our mobile device management services can help

We offer a service that embraces the entire life-cycle of mobile devices in the workplace, from capturing their initial use, maintaining an inventory of both hardware and software, providing remote access and tracking, and managing the exit of devices from your network.

Our mobile device management services allows for full management of all your iOS and Android devices. It includes the setting up of authorised configurations, such as Microsoft Exchange, wifi or VPN. Password complexity and updates can be monitored and enforced, or even remotely wiped if necessary. Location tracking and auto-locking help ensure that you remain in control of devices, wherever they are.

Mobile computing offers enormous benefits to both your staff and your business. It also comes with new challenges, which we’re equipped to handle. If you want to discuss the potential benefits and risks of using mobile devices in your organisation please get in touch.