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Sink hole or swim: how good is your disaster recovery plan?3 March 2014

What would you do if the ground literally opened up and swallowed your business?

Okay, so the chances of a sink hole appearing beneath your office, your warehouse or even your home are slim, but it’s not impossible. Six holes have appeared across the UK in just the last few weeks, compared to an average of two a year. The ridiculous levels of rainfall are to blame.

This same rain is also threatening to wash away businesses in the south west and Thames Valley, as local rivers move into the workplace. With predictions of stormier winters and summers to come, the risk of flooding and its associated perils, including looting and sink holes, is going up.


Planning for disaster can prevent it happening

No one likes thinking about a major incident disrupting business, and finding the time to plan for such eventualities can be a headache in itself. But in the same way you plan your product development, your marketing campaigns and your staffing strategies, disaster recovery planning is an investment in your future.

The list of hazards facing your business goes way beyond sink holes and flooding. Here are some of the other disasters that could come out of the blue:

  • •  A major fire
  • •  Collapse of a significant customer or supplier
  • •  Unexpected loss of a key member of staff
  • •  Theft, of either physical items or intellectual property


Every one of these has serious implications from an IT perspective. Fire and flood can destroy hardware and stored data. Losing a key supplier or customer can impact your processes and cash flow.

In an age of mobile devices, losing a key member of your team could also mean saying goodbye to essential data not held centrally. Hardware theft could open a door to unwelcome visitors in your systems.

Proactive planning for these eventualities could make the difference between your business surviving or crashing.


Disaster recovery starts today

While the appearance of a sink hole near your business is unlikely, of one thing you can be certain. Neglecting to plan for a major crisis means that if it happens, the damage is likely to be extensive.

As part of our proactive support package, we help medium-sized and large businesses with all the IT aspects of their disaster recovery planning, wherever they are in the UK. If you want to know more about how to start protecting your business, please get in touch.