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Managed IT Services FAQ

Answers to some frequently asked questions, and some things we think you would like to know.

Managed IT Services FAQ

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Whether you are a small business owner with limited knowledge of IT or an IT manager at a major corporation, you will no doubt have some questions about IT Support 365 and our services. If you cannot find the answer below, get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help.

Why choose IT Support 365’s managed IT services?

We provide proactive management and maintenance of our customers’ IT infrastructures, relieving them of stress, concern, and uncertainty. Our aim is to deliver the best service available, ensuring a cost-effective ROI (Return on Investment), a comprehensive and high value of service. We wrap our Company’s 80+years of knowledge, expertise, experience, integrity, and intellectual property around yours.

What do we provide?

We centrally manage every aspect of your IT, removing all complexities to enable your strategy to align with the goals of your business. You can outsource all of your IT needs to IT Support 365 or use us to supplement your existing team’s capabilities. We are small enough to care, but big enough to cope.

Our approach is Proactive; we do not work on a ‘break/fix’ basis. If your IT support team only know you have a problem when you report it, the result is downtime for your business. Waiting for an engineer to be assigned to your support ticket, and then for them to fix the issue.

Instead, we constantly monitor the performance and health of your complete IT system – the infrastructure, network, servers, laptops, and desktop PCs. When an issue arises, our support team will be alerted and will provide a fix remotely or assign an engineer to visit. In many cases, you and your team will never even know there was an issue, and there will not be any disruption to your business. It’s a preventative approach to IT systems management, using a series of ‘best practices’ developed over years of experience.

How can I trust IT Support 365 to deliver ?

We have been established since 2008 and can boast many customers that have enjoyed our support over all of that time (we must be doing something right!). We can provide solid testimonials, references, and case studies. Our team (combined) has 80 + years of expertise and experience.

How do I know what I am getting ?

We keep you informed by providing regular communication and monthly management reports covering the overall health of your computer network and the results of our services. All communication and issues associated with your users and systems are tracked, reported, and retained for analytical, historical and audit purposes.

What costs can I expect ?

Our services and support are subscription based. So rather than getting big bills whenever something goes wrong, you pay a fixed amount each month, giving you greater control over your IT expenditure. Our costs are scaled against our customers’ requirements and can work out as little as 50p per user per day (based on a working week). Please contact us for an idea of what your particular price plan might look like.

Who can I talk to about what I might need?

As well as our helpdesk team, you can also talk to your dedicated Account Manager, our Client Services Manager or to one of our Department Managers. When you complete our enquiry form, we will give you all the information you need to contact the right person at the right time for you.

How much does it cost to get advice?

Nothing, we will give initial advice/consultation FOC.

What else does IT Support 365 provide?

You can come to us for everything; making us responsible with just one point of contact to resolve any/all of your issues. Hardware, Software, Peripherals, and most components related to your IT needs. We are a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling our users and business to do more through technology. We bring together some of the world’s leading vendors and technologies, and advise organisations on IT strategy so we can implement the most appropriate solution for your business.

What is IT Support 365’s response time to support tickets?

Our response times vary on a sliding scale, dependent on the severity of individual incidents. High-priority issues, for example, have a first response time of under 30 minutes.

What is Block Time (BTA)?

As well as a fixed monthly agreement we also provide a Pay-as-You-Go service. There are no fixed monthly/annual costs, you simply book blocks of support time. These come in increments of 12 x hour, 24 x hour and 36 x hour and attract discounts depending on what you book. This way you only pay for the hours of support that you actually use, and you can carry over any that you do not use for up to a year or buy more as and when needed. This facility provides a “safety net” to ensure that you are covered in times of need. You will get the same immediate attention from our team as you would on a fixed term contract. We provide all attributes and services enjoyed by our enterprise customers.

What kind of businesses does IT Support 365 work with? 

We specialise in providing IT solutions to SMEs, ranging from one-man bands to larger companies with hundreds of users. We can achieve this as our services are specifically designed to scale up as needed. That also means as your business grows, our services will grow with it. We have a number of case studies that will give you the confidence.

How do I know which IT solutions I need?

We will work with you whatever your IT skills might be. If you are an IT expert, you will probably have your own plans, we will work alongside and closely with you to deliver them or to make best-practice recommendations to help you. However, we can provide your company with all the assistance you need to make an informed choice. We have helped a huge range of customers choose the right IT services and products for their business. As a result, we have been retained by them over many years and helped them to improve , grow and deliver against their needs. We aim to develop long-lasting, valuable business relationships that work for everyone involved.

Can I get discounts?
We can offer discounts on bulk purchase of hardware and software (e.g., Microsoft Office) but also in consideration of the support/service levels that you sign up for.

How do I find out more?
Simply complete our contact form, call on 0345 051 0600, or email us.