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Mobile Device Management

Make the most of the opportunities that mobile computing delivers without exposing your business to unacceptable risk

Mobile Device Management

Mobile technology brings massive business benefits. Using smartphones and tablets, your staff have unprecedented levels of access to email, intranets, ERP systems and social media. Information flows faster, bringing better-informed decision making. But the proliferation of mobile devices across your business adds new levels of IT security risk that employees often overlook as they enjoy the freedom offered by mobile computing.

Stay in control…
IT Support 365’s Mobile Device Management service minimises the risks arising from loss, theft or misuse of mobile devices. It tells you where they are and what they’re being used for at all times, allowing you to remain in control of all the mobile devices on your network.

Mobile Device Management

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How it works in detail…


  • Increased productivity and security.
  • Improved compliance through monitoring, alerts and reporting.
  • Cuts the costs of managing mobile devices.
  • Easy integration with most office enterprise systems.
  • Add and control personal or business-owned devices.
  • Remotely lock or wipe mobile devices if lost or stolen.

The Service

Mobile Device Management allows you to:

  • Add mobile devices to your secure network remotely via SMS, email or custom URL.
  • Fully manage all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets used in your organisation.
  • Configure and enforce security measures, such as passwords.
  • Manage device and user issues in real-time through web-based support tools.
  • Pinpoint the geographical location of a device or track its movements over a
    period of time.
  • View and manage all the applications installed on a device.

Issues the service helps you to avoid include:

  • Inappropriate use of a mobile device by one of your staff or anyone else who has access to it.
  • Data theft resulting from the use of insecure Wi-Fi networks.
  • Access to your company systems by third parties, following loss or theft of a device.

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