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Booking space in the cloud

It’s not fanciful to assume that in just a few years cloud computing will become the norm, particularly for smaller businesses. Running your own servers and having dedicated in-house IT staff could quickly look very old fashioned, not to mention inefficient.

Cyber Security Guide

Millions of UK businesses are at serious risk of falling victim to cyber security failings. To help you be better aware of the risks, we’ve put together this brief guide to the main areas where your business could be exposed.

Cyber Security Tips – staff handout

Every day, more and more criminals are trying to break into computers by tricking users. Get wise to their tricks and stay safe online. Hand these safety tips to your staff and make sure they aren’t the weak link in your cyber defence.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Around half of all businesses fail when a serious problem strikes and they don’t have a disaster recovery plan. Those that survive often endure serious pain, both financially and through damage to their strategic plans. This guide will help prepare you should the unthinkable happen.

Effective Perimeter Security

It’s impossible to create an IT network that’s 100% secure but it’s relatively easy to significantly increase security by implementing the right tools and keeping them up to date.

Endpoint security – cyber protection in depth

Adopt a layered approach to digital security and make it very difficult for nasty-ware to do any damage. Security layers include endpoint security – a set of software tools that provide active threat protection.

A best practice guide to IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing the management and support of your IT systems can be both incredibly attractive and painfully frustrating. It doesn’t need to be that way. You can have all the benefits of outsourced IT management without the disappointments.

Penetration Testing Guide

A vital component in your IT security toolkit, penetration testing helps provide assurance by actively demonstrating the quality of your digital security perimeter.

Server Room Management

Organisations are continually being reminded of the need for disaster recovery planning. But even as they plan, they can unknowingly be laying the foundations for future problems. This guide highlights some often over-looked issues.

Your guide to the GDPR challenge

If you’re feeling nervous about the possible impact of GDPR on your business, you are not alone. This isn’t helped by a mixture of technical jargon with uncertainty and a dash of scaremongering. In this guide we highlight the critical issues that you really need to know.