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Project Management

Our Project Managers take a lead role in a wide range of IT projects from migrations to infrastructure upgrades.

Project Management

Plan ahead for savings and success…

It’s easy to launch an IT project with specific outcomes in mind and a sense of how you’ll get there. But many projects overrun their budgets, miss their deadlines and fail to deliver all that was promised.

Whether it’s a system upgrade, the implementation of a new app, or the installation of new hardware, it pays to plan ahead and manage the process. Inadequate planning and incomplete management can, at best, push up costs and introduce delays. At worst, they can create serious issues for your business.

The essentials of robust project management

Anyone taking responsibility for managing a project must have a clear understanding of what they will be delivering. A project that does not have clearly defined goals can’t succeed, because there’s no way to identify when it’s complete, or even how to measure progress.
Even when a project has specific objectives, such as upgrading the business to a new version of an operating system, success depends on finding the most effective route to that goal. This is where using an experienced project manager with the appropriate technical understanding makes all the difference. Their insights and knowledge can help the project navigate to its destination while avoiding delays and unnecessary costs.

Project Management

Download our best practice guide to Project Management including tips for success

The best project managers are adept at negotiating their way to successful completion. Most IT projects involve working with multiple parties including suppliers, system users, other IT professionals and management (sometimes several layers deep). Satisfying the needs of all these, while keeping the project on track, requires excellent communication skills.

Part of good project communication is being able to demonstrate the project’s progress toward completion, both in time and budget. This requires the project manager to implement and use a reliable method of monitoring progress. This measure must also be flexible, as the project may need to adapt for unexpected changes, such as amendments to the scope of what’s included.

How IT Support 365 can help you with Project Management

Experience is the best teacher of IT project management. Working with clients during the recent decades of the digital revolution has seen the IT Support 365 Ltd team taking a lead role in many technology projects.

Our IT project portfolio includes:

  • Migration from local servers to cloud solutions
  • Implementing company-wide infrastructure and system upgrades
  • Auditing and refreshing corporate IT hardware
  • IT security audits and upgrades
  • Restoring IT systems following security breaches

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IT Support 365’s ServiceDesk365 is a proactive service for managing your complete IT system – the infrastructure, network, servers and desktop PCs. It’s a preventative approach to IT systems management, using a series of ‘best practices’ developed over years of experience.