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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Preparation is the key to disaster recovery planning. We work with our clients to ensure they are ready

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Around half of all businesses fail when a serious problem strikes and they don’t have a disaster recovery plan. Those that survive often endure serious pain, both financially and through damage to their strategic plans. In a recent survey, eight out of ten businesses put IT problems at the top of their list of business disaster risks. Over half put security threats as their top concern (malware, ransomware), while hardware failure and data corruption are also serious worries. Helping to protect your business, by creating an IT disaster recovery plan, means identifying the main risks, the potential solutions, and what preparations you can make now.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Are you prepared should the unthinkable happen? Download our Disaster Recovery Planning Best Practice Guide to find out.

Prevention strategy

This is about taking steps to avoid an IT disaster. Having identified the risks and their potential business impact, put measures in place to reduce the chance of a problem occurring. This may include testing and audit by a third party.

Response strategy

Should something go wrong, despite all the preventative measures you’ve taken, you need a plan for dealing with the short-term issues that could arise after a disaster. This plan enables the business to recover the agreed minimum level of operation as quickly as possible.

Recovery strategy

Having established this minimum level of operation through the response strategy, your recovery process takes you back to where you were before the disaster occurred. Identify opportunities for implementing planned strategic enhancements earlier than anticipated, such as bringing forward hardware or software upgrades.

Learning from a disaster recovery experience allows you to be even better prepared for the future. The recovery strategy should also include a review process to help you identify gaps in your pre-disaster planning and actions that did not go as planned, along with any innovations during response and recovery that provided unexpected short-cuts or benefits.

We help our clients with disaster recovery planning

Those responsible for leadership in many organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of disaster recovery planning. We’re helping our clients implement the strategies that they need.

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