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Hardware & Software Asset Management

Combine financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities to manage the overall lifecycle of your IT assets

Hardware & Software Asset Management

IT Asset Management is critical to the success of most businesses as IT assets often form a substantial proportion of their total assets. It brings together financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities to manage the overall life cycle of these assets. Asset information is then used to inform decisions about purchases and how assets are deployed. Having an accurate IT asset inventory not only helps companies use their assets more effectively but also avoids unnecessary asset purchases by re-using existing resources. IT asset management also enables organisations to lower the risks and costs of unknowingly building new IT projects on outdated (or unknown) infrastructure foundations.

IT Consultancy

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At IT Support 365, we can help you to compile a detailed inventory of both hardware and software assets and then proactively manage these to optimise asset lifecycles and inform strategic decisions. Equally important is the active management, control and protection of software assets. This includes those produced by the company and those licensed from 3rd parties to ensure that all software in use within the organisation is properly paid for and in compliance with licensing agreements.

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IT Support 365’s ServiceDesk365 is a proactive service for managing your complete IT system – the infrastructure, network, servers and desktop PCs. It’s a preventative approach to IT systems management, using a series of ‘best practices’ developed over years of experience.