IT Support 365


Give your employees the freedom to work securely and productively from anywhere


All businesses depend on efficient communications to make them accessible, to give their employees the freedom to work productively from anywhere, and to give them access to the latest cloud technologies. For smaller businesses, the more connected they are the more efficient they are and the more able they are to compete and to flourish. At IT Support 365, we have many years’ experience in designing, delivering and supporting managed communications infrastructures tailored to the needs of your business.

IT Support 365’s VoIP service can help your team work more effectively through improved digital connectivity. Your VoIP system can share data more efficiently, by communicating directly with email and other digital systems. New plug and play handsets can be added and managed easily, and from a single location. Prepare to be surprised by the flexibility of this twenty-first century voice communication solution.


  • Significantly lower call costs and hardware costs.
  • Highly flexible, and easy to scale the system up or down depending on requirements.
  • Follow me anywhere numbers, which facilitate hot-desking and a mobile workforce.
  • Encrypted calls, ideal for businesses dealing in sensitive information.
  • Higher quality information and reduced data input through integration with CRM systems

The Service

Broadband telephones allow you to:

  • Make calls for free to others on the same VoIP network, even if they’re in other locations or home-workers.
  • Add new numbers and handsets to the network quickly and easily.
  • Manage all your phone settings online, and control them from a single location even if you have multiple offices.
  • Because they are digital, VoIP telephones allow you to take advantage of emerging technologies.


We are specialists in providing resilient, high speed internet access to businesses of all sizes; with both wired and wireless options, we can get your business connected and productive, wherever you are located. From initial survey to installation and ongoing management, we can provide the solution that is right for your business. We’ll manage and maintain it, and ensure that if any issues do arise, we will be alerted and on the case before your business is affected.

We can provide:

  • Wireless SuperFast Broadband
  • ADSL 2+
  • UltraFast Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP)

Ethernet Leased Lines

A Leased Line is a business-class connectivity solution based on an Ethernet cable providing a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data connection. These lines can be used for any combination of voice, data, video and internet traffic with guaranteed symmetrical upload and download speeds. They support any type of high bandwidth task or application, including cloud computing, VoIP and video conferencing.

Radio Communications
Instant communication can be essential, particularly when it comes to keeping your business safe. With our two-way radio solution in their hands, your team stay in contact at the touch of a button, allowing collaboration and coordination across whatever site you’re operating from.

Today’s two-way radio systems boast many benefits including long battery life, and resistance to wind noise, extreme temperatures and moisture.

Designed to withstand the outdoor environment, they’re a reliable and hard-working way to maintain communication across busy or expansive locations.

Benefits include:

  • No call charges
  • Clear, high-quality communication in almost all conditions
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast, convenient and flexible


IT Support 365’s ServiceDesk365 is a proactive service for managing your complete IT system – the infrastructure, network, servers and desktop PCs. It’s a preventative approach to IT systems management, using a series of ‘best practices’ developed over years of experience.