IT Support 365

IT System Monitoring

Application, server, workstation, network and connectivity infrastructure monitoring 24/7

IT System Monitoring

A core service that underpins ServiceDesk365; we monitor your applications, servers, workstations, network and connectivity infrastructure 24/7. We ensure that your systems are up-to-date and functioning as they should and that we are alerted should any element require attention.

Our remote monitoring service measures everything from operational status to average response times and error reports. Should your system be struggling to cope with the demands of your business or showing the early signs of unreliability, our monitoring systems will highlight the issue. Pre-emptive action will be taken to update the system, fix any issues found and keep your systems running before system downtime can impact your business.

Case Study

Find out how an accountancy practice relies on systems monitoring from IT Support 365 to provide peace of mind

Key Benefits

  • Backup solutions management (supported products only).
  • Antivirus management.
  • Trend analysis of any component or feature.
  • Availability analysis and statistics.
  • Server asset logging tracking and management.
  • Change management monitoring and recording.
  • Service and critical process management and monitoring.
  • Proactive monitoring of essential server components including memory, storage, processor activity and event logs.
  • Remote control and administration.
  • Testing and application of patches and fixes.
  • Management and maintenance of temporary files.
  • Resolution of performance-specific problems, including high CPU, low memory, memory leaks and slow response.


IT Support 365’s ServiceDesk365 is a proactive service for managing your complete IT system – the infrastructure, network, servers and desktop PCs. It’s a preventative approach to IT systems management, using a series of ‘best practices’ developed over years of experience.