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Perimeter Security

Our perimeter security assessment identifies your network vulnerabilities and mitigates your risks

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security is your first line of defence. In theory, it is a secured boundary between your network and everything that lies outside. All you need to do is identify all end-points and access points, protect them and enforce strict protocols for gaining access.

In practice, however, achieving this is extremely challenging as, very often, no single boundary exists:

  • Employees access the network both internally and from external locations and networks, and they use multiple mobile devices.
  • The growth in external data warehousing, cloud computing and Software-as-a-service solutions mean that data and applications no longer reside on servers that businesses own and control.
  • The increasing reliance on web services opens the door to multiple external, and sometimes insecure, interactions beyond the control of individual businesses.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) presents another set of growing threats and vulnerabilities with a vast array of devices able to interact with each other, collect data, and potentially provide additional access points to secure networks.

Perimeter Security Guide

Download our Perimeter Security Best Practice Guide

We recognise the challenges that all of these considerations present to small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why we provide perimeter security assessments; to understand where your network vulnerabilities lie and to put together a plan tailored to your business. A plan that balances your security needs with the access requirements of your staff as well as the cost of installing and maintaining the solution.


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