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Cyberwise from IT Support 365: All the wisdom you need to create and secure your IT infrastructure

IT Security Consultancy

Our world today is a truly interconnected place. Virtually every aspect of our lives in general, and our business lives in particular, interacts with everything else. From our phone systems to our printers and from cloud storage to our laptops working on our home networks, all are part of our digital world, and all are vulnerable to data loss, malicious code and ever more sophisticated cyber attacks. Threats are both internal and external, ranging from simple employee error to massive denial of service attacks.

IT Security Consultancy

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Digital technology touches every part of your business or organisation, so you must have a holistic digital security solution. That is, a solution designed for all your operations and interactions, not just a specific team or function, or to guard against a specific kind of threat.

Cyberwise from IT Support 365 is a consultancy-based solution covering a wide range of digital security issues. Our approach is a flexible, tailored solution using a suite of products and based on best practices that we deliver by learning how your organisation works and your aspirations for its future.

With this knowledge, we work with you to develop a digital security system that can adapt as your needs change.

To arrange a Cyberwise review or to find out how our cyber protection suite of products could help protect your business or organisation, call us on 0345 051 0600 or email We would be pleased to have a no-obligation conversation with you.


IT Support 365’s ServiceDesk365 is a proactive service for managing your complete IT system – the infrastructure, network, servers and desktop PCs. It’s a preventative approach to IT systems management, using a series of ‘best practices’ developed over years of experience.