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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Stay secure and productive anywhere, on any device, with identity and intelligence-driven innovations

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a comprehensive solution that helps manage and protect users, devices, apps, and data. Maintain the security of devices and identities on both organisationally managed devices and user-provided devices, regardless of where the services are delivered and consumed. EMS enables users to work on the device of their choice and access resources they need, while centralising organisational information to ensure compliance and data protection. The solution is simple to set up, always up-to-date, and connects to on-premises data centres.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Stay secure and productive anywhere, on any device, with identity and intelligence-driven innovations.


Azure Active Directory
Manage user identities and create intelligence-driven access policies to secure your resources.

Securely manage the mobile devices and apps your workforce uses to access company data and ensure devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements.

Azure Information Protection
Classify and label your data, applying protection and use rights to sensitive data so they’re identifiable and protected. Track activities on shared files and revoke access if unexpected activities occur.

Advanced Threat Analytics
Detect abnormal behaviour in on-premises systems, and identify advanced targeted attacks and insider threats before they cause damage.

Protect information, virtualise desktops, single sign-on
Intelligently safeguard your corporate data, and enable secured collaboration with encryption and access restrictions. Encryption stays with the file where it goes, enabling more secure file sharing, internally and externally. Efficiently deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices with virtualised desktops. And sign in once for secure access to all corporate resources, on-premises or remotely, from any device.


Boost mobility and productivity
Give employees the flexibility to access sensitive data on a variety of devices to keep working, while keeping your corporate data protected.

Increased security and compliance
Proactively protect your business against modern threats and leaks with builtin privacy and compliance tools, and safeguard sensitive data, identities, and devices. Ensure that employees see highly sensitive data only on a need-to- know basis.

More control for your IT staff
With comprehensive device and app control, your IT team will be able to customise the features and apps you use as well as remotely manage and secure devices.

Comprehensive solution
With extensive protection of corporate email and documents across four layers, protect users, devices, apps, and data with intuitive mobile management on a future-ready platform.

Better Microsoft Office management
EMS seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and on-premises infrastructure. It’s the only solution that brings managed mobile productivity with Office across platforms, with or without a device enrolment.

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