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Internet Services

Internet usage monitoring allows you to understand which systems are using your broadband capacity

Internet Services

The costs associated with slow Internet connectivity are not easy to spot. But every minute of time spent waiting for data to download or upload can be a minute wasted, and those minutes add up. More worryingly, there’s a good chance that not all the Internet traffic on your network is for business purposes. Inappropriate Internet use could be clogging up your bandwidth, and may be reflected in reduced productivity.

Keeping your eyes on the road…
IT Support 365’s Internet Usage Monitoring Service pinpoints precisely which systems, and even which computers, are transferring data through your broadband service, at any point in time. It allows you to track all Internet activities back to the point of origin, enabling you to address the problems at source.

Internet Usage Monitoring

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How it works in detail…


  • Identifies opportunities to improve productivity by highlighting inefficient or unnecessary data transfers.
  • Improves security and controls by preventing online threats before they get to your users and identifying high-risk activities.
  • Allows you to see what any computer in your organisation is being used for, at any time.
  • Return on investment, by enabling productivity improvement as a result of identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks and redundant activities.

The Service

Internet Usage Monitoring lets you see:

  • Which computer is using the internet and when.
  • What websites are being accessed.
  • What activities are being performed on those websites.

The potential issues this could reveal include:

  • Staff using data-intensive services, such as streaming video.
  • Computers sending and receiving data automatically but unnecessarily.
  • Users carrying out actions with a high degree of risk, such as visiting websites containing malware.

Additional Services

The service can include a variety of security options, including:

  • URL filtering, preventing users accessing specific web addresses.
  • Heuristic anti-phishing protection, providing defence against increasingly sophisticated and targeted phishing attacks, often through
    email or social media.
  • Granular control and automated management reporting.


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